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Bill Black Classic Country


Music Radio for Scotland

How to listen to Radio Saltire.

Soon transmitting on FM in East Lothian!

At our website.

The radio stream plays automatically directly you log on.
The built-in player has a red button (top right) to stop/start play and a slider to alter the volume.
Click on the big red button to activate the PopUp Player.

Download the Mobile App here.

New mobile Apps coming soon.

Radio Saltire App Store


Stream or download our playlist files.

This allows you to use your favourite desktop media player.
The buttons below link to playlist files. Click on the Icon for the player you want to use – WMP, Quicktime, Real Player or Winamp – you can then either use the player to open the file directly or download the file first and open it with your player. Radio Saltire will play through your chosen computer program.

Download our Desktop Player.

We have Flash based desktop players for Windows and Mac that you can use to listen to Radio Saltire straight from your desktop.

apple_icon   windows_icon

To use, click the required icon above and download the player.
The file is “zipped” to make it smaller, so once downloaded, right click the icon and extract the player.
Then just click on the icon that appears. Once it’s open, click Play.