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    Davie has been involved in community projects for many years, and felt that it was important for there to be a platform to voice and represent the people of East Lothian. Outside the station Davie is an avid golfer and loves to help others through charity fundraising and community events. Davie does what he does at Radio Saltire because of his love for his home and a determination to improve and bring together his community.

    Sunday Session is a show that celebrates music, fun and community. Davie hopes that his show generates a feel-good factor for his listeners and notes that many people who have since left East Lothian listen in for updates about home and a good listening experience. There is an open music policy on Sunday Session but Davie asks people refrain requesting songs with explicit lyrics as it is a family show. The show has many features such as Sunday Swing Track, the Dancers Sunday Soul Spot, and many more.

    Davie and his team are very proud of the shows accomplishments in bringing awareness to the many wonderful organisations in and around East Lothian, and bringing separate communities of together.

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