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Celebrating Angie Townsend

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Angie Townsend was a lively, funny, courageous and wonderful lady who lived in Wallyford, East Lothian. She was a former presenter with Radio Saltire, hosting the Richt Guid Blether show on Wednesday nights. But that is only a fraction of her story.

Her on air presenting skills forms a small part of who Angie was. from 1987, Angie joined the band Seeing Red with Steve Brown. The band started touring and recorded jingles for a radio show, before landing a record contract. They later self-financed the album T.V. Generation, an album the band are extremely proud of. Due to various reasons, the band dissolved by the mid-1990s. Angie devoted time to a wealth of other talents she possessed – she was a storyteller, a writer and performer. She was a former rep for the Musselburgh section of the Tyne and Esk Writers group.

Seeing Red would eventually reform when, by chance, the members – including Angie and Steve – met each other on social media in 2011. A reunion gig followed with plans for another album, but things took a dramatic turn with it was revealed that Angie was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.

Far from being completely beaten, Angie continued to live life to her fullest potential. She continued with her radio series and, in the year before she passed away, recorded a solo album and held a launch for what become known as Butterfly.

Angie fought to the last and retained her sense of humour, her positive outlook and strength. She passed away on 29’th of January 2016.

Angie was a devoted wife, mum and friend. Her husband, Chris and daughters, Bethan & Ceri-Ann, have fond memories of her and everyone who met her told similar accounts of how friendly, warm, witty and marvelous individual.

Following on from Mitch Stevenson’s chat with Steve Brown at the launch of Seeing Red’s Keep The Fire Burning album, David Caldwell will be catching up with Steve live in the studio and with Bethan and Ceri-Ann Townsend to chat about Seeing Red, the launch of the album, as well as performing a couple of songs and keeping Angie’s musical legacy alive.

Celebrating Angie Townsend – Thursday 20’th July 2017 on Radio Saltire.


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