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I first started DJing in my local youth club at the age of 13/14 playing chart music. I started listening to House in the late 80s and I was fascinated in the experimental music. I was soon obsessed with Techno and jungle in the early 90s and at Christmas 1992 I decided to learn to mix. I didn’t have any turntables so I practised on my Nephews realistic belt drive Hifi decks which had pitch control once per week/fortnight.

In mid 1993 I got my First opportunity playing House in the warm up room for Logic at Branigans in Houghton-Le-Spring. Later that year I started playing Techno, Jungle, Rave and House as a twice weekly resident at an all-nighter at the Mitre in Gateshead. In 1993/1994 New Year’s Eve I played Techno, Rave and House on the midnight set at Bobbys in Gateshead.

In 1994 I got the chance to play Techno, Jungle, Rave, House, Progressive House and Trance in a weekly slot at The huge Energi House in Newcastle. Later that year I went on to play House at the Legendary Rockshots in Newcastle. In 1995 I made the decision to stop playing Rave, Jungle and Techno and concentrate on playing House, Progressive House and Trance.

In 1995 I started attending Route 26 Community centre and started learning Cubase in the community Soundroom. I then went on to do a course in Sound Recording Engineering also. In 1997 I helped with workshops teaching how to use the equipment for the start of Gateshead Community Radio. Unfortunately the centre was broken into and a most of my vinyl was inside and were taken.

Later that year I started playing at a pub on a weekend also playing on my first show on Radio. In 2001 I went deaf in one ear and decided to hang up my headphones and sold all my vinyl and equipment. In 2008 I started playing music again and doing Old Skool and house mixes and passing them to my friends until 2013 when I started playing on internet radio stations.

2014 I played my first Live gig since 1998 at Elements of House in Gateshead playing Soulful House and I did 6 free nights with them until 2016. My first Old Skool event I played was Metro Reunion 9 and I played at the 10th reunion also. I also played Old Skool at AudioGroove in Aril 2016.

My passions in music are Old Skool, Classic House, Classic Progressive House, Soulful House, Deep/Tech House and Vocal House. My favourite DJs include Frankie Knuckles and Sasha which influenced me hugely.

Elements Of Rhythm
My show will on be some of the influences of my journey in the scene from the early days of House music to Old Skool to the latest upfront vibes. There will be a different vibe every week.


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