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I started as a DJ back in the techno era around 1996 after buying my first setof vinyl decks all built in with a carpet case. In 2002 aged 18 I got the opportunity to take residency in Planet Earth and Cafe Coel nightclub in Ireland which gave me the chance to support DJs from Cream Liverpool, God’s Kitchen and Clubland.

On my return to Scotland I started doing hospital radio then onto community radio before taking some time out to attend Bauer’s media college and my HND in radio production to now joining Radio Saltire.

Music is my passion in life. It’s what I live for after my kids of course. The DJ in me is still alive and I regularly play to the toughest crowd a DJ can have… my misses and kids!!

My journey through radio has brought me to Radio Saltire presenting the breakfast show which brings a fresh challenge to my career. It’s been a long
time since a radio station got me excited but then this is probably the first radio station that doesn’t seem to be filled with ego’s.

It’s a team I am proud to say I am part of.