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The Tom Fairnie Show

Tom Fairnie

The Tom Fairnie Show

Scheduled on:
Tuesday 9:00 pm 11:00 pm

The Tom Fairnie Show on Radio Saltire is co-presented by local songwriter and poet, Tom Fairnie.
Tom is born and bred in Musselburgh but now lives on the East side of Edinburgh.

Tom plays guitar and creates melodies. He was one of the founder organisers of the Edinburgh institution that was Foakies, which, until recently, was a monthly event featuring singer songwriters and poets performing original work. He has been writing songs for many years and has a reputation as a writer of lyrical, melodic and accessible songs that make the best use of his guitar skills to provide sensitive, uncluttered arrangements. Tom’s CDs include The Journeyman, As Eden Lay In Darkness and Banishment. He is currently very proud to be a part of Tomfoolery, along with Jane Fairnie, Madelaine Cave and Graham Whyte.

Tomfoolery recently played a series of gigs in the Netherlands and Germany and released their first CD in December 2014. They perform original songs written by Tom in the Americana, country, folk, blues and gospel traditions as well as songs that lean more toward contemporary influences. Tomfoolery is Tom’s main musical focus and is providing a great incentive to write new songs, record more CDs and tour and perform to new audiences.

Tom Fairnie has an eclectic taste in music and a propensity to discuss music, football, politics and philosophy over a drink in Staggs. He hopes to bring that same mix of anecdotes, dubious facts and fanciful wordplay to his radio show…without the rum.

Each show is themed around song writing topics and Tom looks forward to interaction with listeners and guests on what is undoubtedly his favourite topic.